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We Buy Houses and More

We buy any real estate property. Houses, Vacant Land, Multifamily, Hotels, etc. “Faster and Smarter.”

Zero Expenses Out of Pocket

You will receive multiple competitive offers within hours, with Zero expenses from you. No commissions.

No More Days On the Market

You don’t have to waste time and money finding a buyer. We are your solution.

Technology + Transparency

The power of AI behind every decision, ensures you get maximum value for your property.

You Choose Your Options

Sophisticatedalgorithms that analyze your property, generating lightning-fast, flexible offerstailored to your needs and terms.

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How it works

How it works


Enter your address

Tell us where your property is located. Answer some quick questions: Briefly describe your property and situation.


We will contact You

A discovery call to verify public information and your specific situation.


AI analyzes your data

Our smart algorithms assess your property’s value, market trends, and potential buying options.


Receive multiple offers

See a range of competitive offers and options within hours, not days or weeks. No pressure, take your time to select the offer that works for you.


Close the Transaction

Our dedicated team guides you through the closing process according to your timeline and preferences.

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Real Estate Innovation. So, We Can Pay You More

Real Estate Innovation. So, We Can Pay You More

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Transaction history

How We can help

How We can help

Problem Property

Stuck with a fixer-upper? City Liens? We specialize in turning burdens into blessings.


Facing loss? We understand and offer alternatives to foreclosure.


Life changes? We offer strategic solutions so you can focus on what matters most.


Uplifting your life? We offer fast, flexible home sale options.


Fresh start? We buy houses in any condition, so you can move on smoothly.

Financial Difficulties

Feeling squeezed? We offer quick cash solutions for your property without the stress.


Unexpected property? We simplify the process, helping get you legal help and fast financial strategies.


Tired of tenant troubles? We buy problem properties in most states.



What type of properties you buy?

Houses, vacant land, multifamily, commercial properties, and companies. We do not buy Condos, nor Mobil Homes

How is my Offer Calculated?

Investahaus considers several factors when calculating their offer, including:

  • Current market value of your property in the area. Condition of your property. Recent sales of comparable properties in your area. Rental, buying and visitors activity in area. Capital gains associated. Estimated repairs and closing costs.
Are there any obligations by using Investahaus' services?

There is no obligation to accept Investahaus’ offers. We offer up to 3 different options to buy your property, no other investors in the market does. You are free to shop around and compare offers from other buyers.

When will I get my Offer?

The timeframe for receiving an offer can vary depending on the complexity of your situation, sometimes is in minutes, and usually is in a couple of our after our conversation. However, Investahaus strives to provide a fast, transparent and efficient process.

Are there any fees associated with selling my property through Investahaus?

Investahaus typically covers all closing costs associated with the sale of your property, so your offer is a net amount.

Why Sell to InvestaHaus?

There are several advantages to selling your property to Investahaus:
Fast and Convenient: We can close quickly on your terms and timeline. Multiple Offers: We can provide three (3) type of offers, eliminating the uncertainty of the traditional market.  No Hassle: We handle the entire sales process always with a real estate attorney for transparency, a transaction coordinator taking care of all the paperwork and legwork. No Repairs Needed: You don’t need to worry about making repairs before selling.